Standards National Action Plan

The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) Act of 2016 has positioned BIS in its unique leadership position as the National Standards Body (NSB) of India. The Act has cast upon BIS humongous task of leading the ‘Standards’ work in India through multiple potential partners available in the quality space.

In order to effectively perform its responsibility as the NSB of India, the Standards National Action Plan (SNAP) has been evolved by BIS.

BIS has undertaken extensive stakeholder consultations involving policy makers, academia, industry, industry associations, Research and Development institutes, government bodies, etc. to develop this action plan. Due consideration have also been accorded to government policies and priorities. To prioritize the standardization work on the identified subjects/ topics of standards development, an assessment of national socio-economic requirements was made through a process of secondary research against the ISO guidelines available in this regard.

The action plan proposes a set of actions that would enable BIS to fulfill the specific objectives, and drive the national standardization work and participation in international standardization work. The actionable points emanating from the study as provided in the document are expected to help meet the objectives of making standardization processes efficient and fast, increase awareness and implementation of standards, increasing participation and involvement in national and international standardization and ensure harmonious standardization activities in the country.

The action plan has prioritized standardization issues ranging from engineering to services, IOT to AI and smart cities to e-mobilities. ‘Smartness’, ‘Sustainability’ and ‘Services’ would be the key to future standardization.



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