Hallmarking is the accurate determination and official recording of the proportionate content of precious metal in precious metal articles. Hallmarks are thus official marks used in India as a guarantee of purity or fineness of precious metal articles

In India, at present two precious metals namely gold and silver have been brought under the purview of Hallmarking

  • IS 1417: 2016 Gold and Gold Alloys, Jewellery/Artefacts-Fineness and Marking- Specification
  • IS 2112:2014 Silver and Silver Alloys, Jewellery/Artefacts-Fineness and Marking- Specification
  • IS 15820: 2009 General Requirements for establishment and operation of Assaying and operation of Assaying and Hallmarking centres.
  • IS 1418: 2009 Determination of gold in gold bullion, gold alloys and gold jewellery/artefacts-cupellation( Fire Assay) Method
  • IS 2113: 2014 Assaying Silver in Silver and Silver Alloys-Methods.

IS 1417:2016 permits hallmarking of six caratages of gold jewellery/ artefacts, viz. 14K, 18K, 20K, 22K, 23K and 24KS.

To protect consumer against victimization due to irregular gold or silver quality, develop India as a leading gold market centre in the World and develop export competitiveness

Provide third party assurance and satisfaction that customer gets right purity of gold (or silver) for the given price (value for money).

It will provide clear indication of his capability, strong evidence of commitment to quality and assurance of consistency in purity and quality of gold or silver jewellery

BIS through its network of Regional/ Branch Offices all over the country operates the Hallmarking Scheme for gold and silver jewellery.

Any jeweller willing to obtain certificate of registration for selling Hallmarked Gold and Silver Jewellery/artefacts shall apply online in the BIS portal; . The certificate of registration is granted instantly without the need to upload any document or pay any fees. The certificate of registration stands valid for lifetime.

Any assaying centre set up in accordance with requirements specified in IS 15820:2009 for assaying and hallmarking of gold and/or silver jewellery/artefacts shall apply online in the BIS portal; . The recognition of the Assaying and Hallmarking Centre is done by BIS after ensuring that the Centre has requisite infrastructure and quality management system as per IS 15820 : 2009, and also employed, trained and competent manpower. Steps to apply for recognition of assaying and hallmarking centre is available on BIS website.

Regular surveillance audit of Assaying and hallmarking centres and testing of random market samples drawn from registered jewellers is carried out.

Following hallmarking charges are applicable:
  • »   Rs. 35/- per article
  • »   Minimum charges for a consignment shall be Rs. 200/- . (Services Tax and other levies as applicable shall be extra)

Following hallmarking charges are applicable
  • »  Rs.25/-per article
  • »  Minimum charges per consignment is Rs 150.00. (Services Tax and other levies as applicable shall be extra)


Hallmarking charges are paid per article irrespective of the weight of the article.

Yes, it is necessary to take authentic bills/invoice of the hallmarked article from retailer/jeweller. It is necessary for any dispute/misuse/complaint redressal..

Yes, it is necessary to have details of hallmarked articles in the bill/invoice issued by jeweller/retailer

Description of each article, net weight of precious metal, purity in carat and fineness, and hallmarking charges need to be mentioned in the bill or invoice of sale of hallmarked precious metal articles. It is also mentioned that “the consumer can get the purity of the hallmarked jewellery/artefacts verified from any of the BIS recognized A&H centre”.

On the outside of the sales outlet, the registered jeweller shall display the logo of BIS with the wording “Hallmarked jewellery available for sale” .Certificate of registration issued by BIS shall be displayed by the jeweller in a jewellery shop. Jeweller shall have magnifying glass of minimum 10X magnification to show hallmark to customer in the hallmarked jewellery. Relation of fineness with caratage shall be displayed by the jeweller.

Each article in pair should have hallmark. Customer should look for hallmarking and fineness details in each article to prevent any misuse w.r.t fineness/purity..

No, only BIS registered jewellers can approach the A&H centre for hall marking of the jewellery

All the information regarding hallmarking in detail has been provided at BIS website, under hallmarking section. The information includes general information on hallmarking, procedure and guidelines for Jewellers and hallmarking centre, all the forms and list of registered jewellers and hallmarking centres etc

The list of BIS Registered jewellers is available on BIS website and can be accessed by following the link

The list of BIS Recognized Assaying and Hallmarking centres is available on BIS website and can be accessed by following the link:>

Yes, after paying testing charges of Rs. 200 to any of BIS recognized A&H centre. The list of BIS recognized A&H centre is available at BIS website under the hallmarking tab.

The guidelines on testing of old gold jewellery and artefacts of the consumer by the Assaying and Hallmarking Centres is placed in the below link:

Guidelines on testing of unhallmarked gold jewellery

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