Compounding of offence

Ref. No.

Party Name



NRO/DDGN/HM/Compounding/S&S M/s Shree Jee Hallmarking, Karnal 11-05-2022 Order
NRO/DDGN/PPBO/Compounding/L-9200104098 M/s Shree Sita Ram Appliances Pvt Ltd 10-03-2022 Order
NRO/DDGN/PPBO/Compounding/L-9100106503 M/s Vardhman Electrical Appliances 01-02-2022 Order
NRO/DDGN/HM/Compounding/R-160108 M/s Raja Ram Gold Testing Centre 03-01-2022 Order
NRO/DDGN/CHBO-1/Compounding M/s Balbir Singh & Sons 08-06-2021 Order
NRO/DDGN/CHBO-1/Compounding M/s Trident Limited 18-05-2021 Order
NRO/DDGN/Compounding/008 M/s Baba Steel Industries 04-08-2020 Order
DDGE/22.8/RPBO/Orchid Industries M/s Orchid Industries 24-04-2019 Order

Last Updated on June 1, 2022

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